Friday, March 12, 2010

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Dan Ellis' post game Tweet sums up last night's loss for the Predators. From Dan @dellis39: Nightmare !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (additional exclamation points deleted).

In the entire history of the Nashville Predators, I seriously doubt that many losses have been as devastating to the team and fans alike as last night's 8-5 thrashing at the hands of the Pred's long time nemesis, San Jose Sharks. The Preds surrendering a record six goals in the third period in a game that was pivotal in the Western Conference playoff race makes the sting from the loss insufferable.

The one saving grace is that it was approaching the midnight hour when the horror started, so many casual fans and children had gone to bed, secure in the 4-2 Predator two goal lead. I'm sure many Pred fans are awakening this morning and driving off the road in this rainy weather upon hearing the final score.

As well as the Preds played the first two periods, they were that much worse in the third. It is most unbelievable that Olympians Shea Weber and Ryan Suter could be a combined -11 in a game against eight other Olympians.

On the positive side, Colin Wilson was outstanding and offered hope for the future. Marcel Goc also played well against his old team. The first two periods also showed what the Preds were capable of when all cylinders are clicking. They need to figure out how to keep it up for 60 minutes.

I am assuming that Pekka Rinne will play tonight and probably most of the games down the stretch since the Preds only have one more back to back. John Glennon points out that Dan Ellis is 1-5 when getting consecutive starts this year so I doubt we'll see any more of those.

Hopefully, the Preds will rally and pull off an upset over the Ducks in an arena where they have rarely won over the years. If not, they may have tasted the top eight in the Western Conference for the final time this season.

Preds-Sharks Round-Up...

Here is our story from last night's debacle.

The Tennessean has the AP story and John Glennon's post-game ponderings.

The City Paper labels the game the worst loss of the season.

In the blog world comes sad stories from Forechecker, Mark Willoughby, Section 303, Fan Huddle, and See Puck City.

The other side of the story comes from the San Jose Mercury News. Oddly enough Todd McLellan was not pleased with he game says David Pollak.

In Pred Nation...

On The Forecheck has the game day preview for tonight's game and the Tennessean has the Game at a Glance.

Jim Diamaond discusses the Preds increased relationship with Swiftwick and the changes that you will see at the next home game.

Rachel at What The Puck has an episode of Hockey Homicide.

Preds prospect Ryan Ellis will be on the NHL Network Tonight as Windsor plays London. Game time is 6 p.m. Central so it will be a good warm up for the Preds-Ducks at 9 p.m.

If Jonathan Quick's wife isn't quick about having their baby, he may miss Sunday's game versus the Preds.

Around the NHL...

Justin Bourne has legitimate arguments where head shots can occur in legal hits.

Hockey54 has another perspective with an interview from Former Quebec Nordique and Chicago Blackhawk, Michel Goulet, who's career was cut short due to concussions.

Another view from @dellis39: NHL needs to bring respect back to the game. These are family men not just opponents. Who cares about drug meetings. This is more important

From @puckreport: Rule 21.1: A match penalty shall be imposed on a player who deliberately attempts to injure or injures an opponent in any manner. This should be enough of a rule without making a bunch of changes. Consistent enforcement seems to be a bigger issue.

Gross Misconduct addresses the consistency issue in a fine article.

From the Battle of Alberta comes the dossier on Matt Cooke's priors. The doctors appear to be the big winners.

Pierre LeBrun discusses the rule change in the tie-breaker involving shoot outs. Hopefully, this will be a first step in moving to a 3-2-1 system for points so that all games are worth three points.

Vancouver's 14 game road trip is over and they actually improved their season's road record by going 8-5-1 on the trip. They were 10-11-1 on the road before the monster trip.

Matt Reitz discusses how much is too much of a good time for the price of a ticket.

The Hockey Zen has a great historical video of the Blackhawks. Here is another one that I can relate to since I grew up with transistor radios (thanks to Sheri Magrini for locating it for me).

Here is the complete list of Clear Day Rosters for the AHL.

Ryan Dixon at The Hockey News discusses why this year's playoffs will be ripe for upsets.

With a hat tip to @stevegiglio we found out that Tom Glavine has signed an honorary contract with the Gwinnett Gladiators. Glavine is one of my all time favorite Braves players and is an all round good guy.

HBO is set to show a new documentary on the Broad Street Bullies starting May 4.

Odds and Ends...

Rob Zombie is selling a bunch of props and stuff on Ebay.

From @stackiii: Cops ticket you for texting while driving, ambulances transport you when you crash, but both use dashboard gadgets Check out the NYT story here.

The president of CNN is worried that you trust news from your Twitter and FB friends more than CNN. Imagine that!

More Later...

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